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  Residential Terranced houses  

Terracecd housingTerracecd housing

5mm Foam Core Board Version



Click image above and images below to view larger versions..

Terracecd housingTerracecd housingTerracecd housingTerracecd housingTerracecd housing

Card Stock Version <<<< Card Stock version image

Card Stock Version



All photos show Foam Core Version apart from the last image which is of the Card Stock version..

PDF Foam Core BoardVersion: Prints are designed to be mounted onto 5mm foam core board like our other PDFS to create a sturdy building (as pictured above).

Card Stock Version: Designed to be printed on card, without the need to mount on foam board. These are less strong, but can be slightly cheaper to make as no foam board is required. They look the same as the ones pictured.

Have you ever wanted to create a whole housing estate rather than a city centre? Well now you can! We have created a typical British terraced style house suitable for anything from the late 19th century [Victorian] up to the present day (and maybe even into the future!).

This basic PDF is designed to scale (28mm), and each semi-detached house measures 6" wide by approximately 5" deep by 5" high and is meant to be located on its own 6x6 base tile, making each building fully compatible with the entire Grekwood 3D road tile sets.

At present the houses are primarily intended to provide additional scenery and to be used as a backdrop for your games. However the roofs can be left detachable allowing figures to be placed inside. This PDF provides you with 3 different door and window effects.- fronts and backs. The main photo illustrates the 3 building varieties (6 houses).
Depending on your preference,the windows can be made "3D" by cutting out the openings and then applying our all-in-one "window sheets" into position. For quicker and easier assembly you may opt to print out the buildings as a 'flat' surface with the windows already located in place!

ALL our PDFs are designed to be used with our 6x6 inch 3D road system.
The PDF download covers all you need to create the external appearance of a 'victorian' style terrace.
Maximum Overall Dimensions of each structure: approximately 6" wide by 5" deep by 5" high

Co- Created by Gareth & Carl Sutherwood

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